Klamath Connection Housing

Students in Klamath Connection have the option of living in special housing for students in the program. We work closely with Humboldt Residence Life to create fun and educational programming that corresponds with the interests and needs of our students. While we do not require students to live in Klamath Connection housing, it is strongly recommended, as it has a noticeable positive impact on the students ability to form and maintain close friendships and form study groups. 

Past activities have included:

  • Tidepooling and a tour of the Humboldt Telonicher Marine Laboratory
  • Day trips to Redwood National and State Parks and walks through Fern Canyon
  • Organized walks through the Arcata Community Redwood Forest
  • Group tutoring and special professor-led review sessions timed to coincide with upcoming exams in Klamath Connection courses. These sessions are conveniently hosted in the classroom on the bottom floor of the Klamath Theme Residence Hall.

For more information about Residence Life at Humboldt please visit their website: http://www2.humboldt.edu/reslife/

To live in Klamath Connection theme housing, please indicate your interest on your on-campus Housing Application. Room placement will be determined by Housing and Residence Life. Please contact them for information on key dates and deadlines. https://housing.humboldt.edu/apply/how-to-apply