Program Components

Because there's only so much you can learn from a book, you'll gain experience - inside and outside the classroom - through this two-part, yearlong program.

Klamath Connection does not add to your workload as a first year college student. In fact, it makes your first year much more manageable by taking a more comprehensive approach, and helping you every step of the way to put you on the path to success.

Five Components to a PBLC at Humboldt

Place Based Learning Communities core components

1) Humboldt Immersion

Humboldt Immersion experience is a series of hands-on field trips, team building exercises, and a small but rigorous academic activity focused on each Place-Based Learning Community’s interdisciplinary theme. For Klamath Connection, this theme is the Klamath River. Faculty, Staff, and Peer Mentors are all involved in Humboldt Immersion to help cultivate the experience for the incoming students.

2) Blocked Scheduling

Blocked scheduling is enrolling students into a deliberate selection of courses and is an important and valuable component to our Learning Community design. Blocked schedules also alleviates the pressure of finding spaces in courses that will set students on the best path to graduation.

3) Freshman Year Experience Course

The freshman year experience course (FYE) includes a mixture of introduction to Cal Poly Humboldt type of material, including introductions to university-specific resources and an introduction/welcome to the major. This course, Science 100, is a GE requirement and is designed to help students in their transition from high school to college.

4) RAMP Peer Mentors

RAMP (Retention through Academic Mentoring Program) is another key element to these programs. Each PBLC student is paired with a RAMP Mentor, who is typically an upperclassman in the same or in a related major. These mentors offer peer-to-peer support for the incoming PBLC freshman.

5) Themed Housing

With each PBLC at Humboldt, we have collaborated with Housing and Residence Life to offer each program’s participants the option to live together in the Residence Halls. This component is optional for students in the program, but we do highly encourage it. Throughout the academic year our team collaborates with Housing and Residence Life to hold exam review sessions in the classroom in Sunset Hall, and organize other social events and activities for the students in PBLC Themed Housing.